DJ Forms

If you are a Keene State College student, faculty member, or a member of the Keene community within driving distance, this page along with training by one of our eBoard members is essential for becoming a certified, On-Air DJ at WKNH.

WKNH HANDBOOKThe DJ handbook must be read through and understood by the DJ trainee before he/she takes the certification test. Feel free to read through the handbook at your own pace until you feel comfortable being tested on the material.

For DJs interested in becoming an eBoard member, newly elected eBoard members, or existing eBoard members looking for a refresher course on eBoard job specifics and rules, read the eBoard handbook.

NEW SHOW REQUEST FORMCongratulations…assumedly, if you’re filling this out, you’ve passed the certification test. Look at our show schedule here or in studio to see which time slots are open and submit this form to our Program Director once completed.

DJ SUBMISSIONFun fact: if you are a DJ at WKNH, we highly encourage you to post content to our blog/website at any time. Whether it’s a band, song, or music video you want all of us to know, music-related photography, links…basically, make it music-related and/or WKNH-related (also semi-SFW…we can be kinda flexible) and we’ll post it.

You must also put your DJ name and show at the bottom of the post or we will not post it. We want this all to be WKNH content and not have any creepy internet perv dudes posting stuff to our page.