Meet Eric & Brittany, hosts of Dusting Off The Records
Monday - Friday 10:00am-12:00noon

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1) What are songs you would like to feature on your page?

  1. Collective Soul: December”
  2. Elton John: “Benny & The Jets”
  3. Styx: “Renegade”
  4. Journey: Don’t Stop Believing”
  5. Dave Matthews Band: “ The Space Between”
  6. Foreigner: “Jukebox Hero”
  7. Bryan Adams: “Summer of 69’ “
  8. Bruno Mars: “Grenade”
  9. Kansas: “Carry On My Wayward Son”
  10. Aerosmith: “Walk This Way”

2) Where Are You From?
“ Manchester, NH”

3) Who Inspires You Musically?
“Styx, Foreigner, Genesis, Billy Joel, Collective Soul, .38 Special. Those are a few.”

4) Why Are You Passionate About Music?
“ Music has the capability to grab your focus and bring you into it, unlike anything else.”

5) What is some positive feedback you’ve received on your show?
“ Great mix of new and familiar music. People like our trivia, Stupid News, and This Day In Music History.

6) What are your plans after college, and what are you currently working on?
“ We plan to move somewhere south Florida or Pennsylvania. We’re currently working on expanding our personal collection of vinyl for our show.”

7) What do you want from your audience?
“ For them to spread the word of our show and our station to their friends and family!”


We Need Your Help!

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